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March 29th-April 2nd, 2017

Hipnotic Productions is proud to host our 10TH ANNUAL workshop event celebrating Tribal Belly Dance. 25 workshops, 3 intensives and 5 performances! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn from those who pioneered this style as well as up-and-coming performers.

Classes will be held at two locations this year! The locations are approximately a 10 min walk through the Seattle Center from each other.

The Maxwell Hotel

300 Roy Street, Seattle, WA
Theater Puget Sound studios.

Theater Puget Sound Studios
4th floor of Armory/Center House in Seattle Center
305 Harrison Street Seattle, WA

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All two hour classes are $42 each.

Most  three hour classes are $63 each.

The intensives with Carolena Nericcio, Amy Sigil and Zoe Jakes vary in price.

Please make your class, merchandise, shows and show transportation selections carefully as all Cues & Tattoos sales are final!

If you are unable to attend Cues and Tattoos, you are welcome to resell anything you have purchased.  Please contact us at to note changes.

Please note, in the interest of conserving our resources, that we do not print tickets for workshops, shows or show transportation. You name will be on a list at the workshops and shows you have paid for. 

To view a map of Seattle Center visit:


 Cues & Tattoos 2017 Schedule

Wed & Thurs   March 29 & 30 
10:30-2:00 The Maxwell Craft An ATS Set & Perform It! Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman
10:30-4:30 TPS-Room G Performance Intensive Zoe Jakes
10:30-2:00 TPS-Room C Off The Top Movement Amy Sigil
Friday March 31 
9:00-12:00 The Maxwell NEW Zils and Combos Mardi Love
9:00-12:00 TPS-Room G Translating Two Worlds To Each Other Donna Mejia
9:00-12:00 TPS-Room H Shake It Up & Break It Down Rachel Brice
Show 12:00-3:00  Serpents Muse I
3:00-5:00 TPS-Room H Datura Style Combos For Improv:Tricky-Gooey-Shimmy Combos Rachel Brice
3:00-5:00 TPS-Room G Touch The Music Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman
3:00-5:00 The Maxwell Lovely Arms Kami Liddle
5:30-7:30 The Maxwell Keep Them Guessing Group Dynamics Tessera Tribal
5:30-7:30 TPS-Room H Divine Muse Zoe Jakes
5:30-7:30                TPS-Room G Formation of One, Stepping out as a soloist: It’s rule breaking time! Lacey Sanchez
Saturday April 1 
9:30-11:30 TPS-Room C Tribal Drills & Geometry Lacey Sanchez
9:00-12:00 The Maxwell Odissi Fusion Moria Chappell
9:30-11:30 TPS-Room G More ITS Vocabulary Amy Sigil
9:00-12:00 TPS-Room H Past / Present/ Future Rachel Brice
Show 12:30-2:30  Serpents Muse II
3:00-5:00 The Maxwell Mastering Your Mix DJ Amar
3:00-6:00 TPS-Room C Oddity Ashley Lopez
3:00-5:00 TPS-Room G Breath And Shadow Bagoas
3:00-6:00 TPS-Room H Dear Heart Zoe Jakes
Sunday   April 2
9:30-11:30             The Maxwell Core-ography Donna Mejia
9:30-11:30 TPS-Room C Tribal Make-Up Moria Chappell
9:30-11:30 TPS-Room G Unmata Choreography Amy Sigil
9:00-12:00 TPS-Room H Datura Style Combos For Improv:Slo-Mo Vocabulary and Structured Improvisation Rachel Brice
Show 12:30-2:30 Serpents Muse III
3:00-6:00 TPS-Room G Convert, Remodel, Restyle Kami Liddle
3:00-5:00 The Maxwell Zils Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman
3:00-6:00 TPS-Room H NEW Choreography Mardi Love
3:00-5:00 TPS-Room C Plunging The Blade WildCard BellyDance
Room Assignments will be added in March of 2017.