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Moria Chappell

Moria Chappell travels across the globe performing and teaching the exquisite art of tribal fusion bellydance.
Beginning her dance career in Atlanta, GA in 2001 with Awalim Dance Company, Moria moved to San Francisco in 2005 to study with The Suhaila Dance School, and was invited to join The Suhaila Dance Company and Bal Anat, from which she learned the extreme muscle control and isolation fundamental to her current style.
That same year she was invited to join The Bellydance Superstars and thus her world travels began. In 2007 Moria taught 30 workshops in over 8 different countries and, via The Bellydance Superstars, performed in more than 15 countries worldwide.
By 2008 Moria began traveling to Thailand and India to deepen her understanding of yoga, Thai, and Odissi dance.
Now, in 2016, Moria has taught and performed in virtually every major city in the world. She teaches in Washington DC on a regular basis and continues her Odissi dance and spiritual studies by traveling to India annually, and by studying with Dr. Ratna Roy.

2017 Cues and Tattoos Workshop


ODISSI TRIBAL FUSION-Saturday April 1 – 9:00am-12:00pm


ODISSI TRIBAL FUSION BELLYDANCE offers the dancer a methodology for bringing this rapidly growing art form into her bellydance repertoire.This Odissi Temple Dance Fusion workshop is designed for you to learn Odissi’s most fundamental combinations and exercises and how they can be applied to your Tribal Bellydance Fusion performance and practice.

Learn the body isolations, temple stance, Odissi posture, sacred geometry and mudras of this ancient devotional dance and how it can be applied to modern music and movement.


Tribal Fusion Makeup-Sunday April 2 – 9:30am-11:30am


Trained as a high fashion and bridal make-up artist, Moria combines facial composition and structuring, undertones and color-combination, contour and color-correction with her passion for theatrical character make-up.

In Tribal Make-up you will learn the secrets of flawless stage make-up including water proofing, smoky eyes, false-eyelash techniques, and amped-up lip and cheekbone enhancement.

Moria will review her favorite products, colors and application techniques.  She will also demonstrate the best use and applicability of a myriad of make-up brushes, glitter types, and bindi glue.

Dancers are welcome to bring their own make-up.  Moria welcomes questions about what make-up you have collected or tried, as well as questions about how to enhance your personal features.

Learn master techniques that will make your face pop and give your stage performance that finishing touch.