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Mardi Love

Mardi Love has been around for some years now, influential in shaping the aesthetic of Tribal Fusion as it is known today. Mardi began dancing with The One and Only Heather Stants, director of the innovative Urban Tribal Dance Company, then partnered up with the illustrious Rachel Brice and later the notorious Zoe Jakes to enjoy a good run with The Indigo, touring extensively and producing their own damn show. Way to do it right.
These days, Mardi continues to pal around with painfully charming and talented musicians and performers, and a new show is in the works. Hot dog and get ready.


2017 Cues and Tattoos Workshops


NEW Zils, Combos and Drills- Friday March 31 –  9:00am-12:00pm


Oh where have the days of blue fingertips and bleeding eardrums gone?

Mardi presents a pocketful of percussive sentences and moves to go with ’em.


New Choreography – Sunday April 2 – 3:00pm-6:00pm


Just like it sounds, we’re learning a new piece. Hooray! Movement will be presented in sentences, thoroughly broken down and drilled, while careful attention will be given to the hows and whys and the smaller details in the dance. Side note: When I teach a choreography class, it is my intention not to simply feed you a dance that you take home and repeat on your stage (though that’s certainly one option), but that you 1. may pick up a few movements/sentences of movements/transitions that resonate with you, and 2. that you may gain some insight as to how I like to build a dance; that is how I see the music and illustrate it in movement.