Julia Demarest and Adriene Rice

    Adriene Rice and Julia Demarest, bring over 20 years of belly dance experience each to their workshops. As a former member of FatChanceBellyDance, Adriene Rice had the opportunity to appear in instructional videos and perform in a variety of venues from international festivals, to cafes and private parties. In addition to the eleven years dancing with Troupe Hipnotica, Julia Demarest has performed and studied all facets of belly dance to include American Cabaret, Tribal and Folkloric.

    Julia and Adriene currently perform with the collective Danse Carouselle in Seattle, WA. Carouselle Tribal workshops are infused with humor and hard work while leaving no detail unturned.


    Cues & Tattoos 2018 Workshops


    Saturday April 7th, 2018, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm-  Mountains and Water- An Introduction to spinning Buugeng


    Explore the hypnotic art of spinning buugeng with Julia Demarest and Adriene Rice of Carouselle Tribal Belly Dance. This class is aimed at the complete novice. Concepts to be covered will include the three basic types of spinning, larger shapes and tracing. The workshop can be purchases with or without a basic practice pair of S staffs. Please note the S staffs will not be collapsible like authentic Buugeng. The intention of providing a simpler pair is to allow students the experience of spinning before making the investment required for authentic Buugeng.

    Should you want to purchase authentic Buugeng, we recommend purchasing from http://zaobab.wixsite.com/zaobab/buugeng.

    You can see a Danse Carouselle performance utilizing the Buugeng here.

    Some Background on the Buugeng:

    The word is derived from the Japanese language and is a combination of two words: Buu – martial art & Geng – illusion.

    Invented by Dai Zaobab, the Buggeng is neither an ancient samurai or ninja weapon, nor a variety of the Australian boomerang. The Buugeng is revolutionizing the visual arts arena by blending the unusual shape of the spinning device, martial arts movement and meditation. It creates a visual kaleidoscope that is astounding to the eye. This unique device produces an infinite number of amazing geometric patterns and optical illusions.