Bagoas is an award winning fusion dancer known for his musicality, lyricism, technical power, precision, and down to earth interaction with his audience. In 2010 he won the title of the Yellow Rose of Texas at Ya Halla Y’all in the Professional Tribal Alternative Men’s category. Since then he has taught and performed at festivals and venues across North America, where he has been lovingly described as an Atari joystick, one liquid muscle, the Energizer Bunny of belly dance, a blur of belly jiggles and most recently, a Red Hot Chili Pepper with Michael Jackson in his belly.


    Cues & Tattoos 2018 Workshops


    Friday April, 6th, 2018, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm-Chrysaslides and Butterflies


    In this workshop, students will explore musculature in the upper body to encourage fuller range, and style of motion. Sharp, staccato isolations will serve as the chrysalis for smooth, butterfly-like curves in the chest and arms. Movements will then be layered into comprehensive combos that can be incorporated into personal practice, choreography or improvisational performances.